Unhappy with VF TV service

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Unhappy with VF TV service

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I have been in the property we are in now for 5 years, previously 2 years at another and all with vodafone. Prior to that it was roughly 15 years of telstra/vodafone at my parents place. 

In the 5 years at this property i have had non stop issues. Too many top boxes in 3 years to count under the Telstra and original VF TV. Then finally after no resolve to the green pixealtion and unwanted fastforwarding at light speed of recorded shows that couldnt be stopped they agreed to pop us on to sky, for free, with free sky sports, however tried to charge me for installation and my sky sports. This was all sorted and we have had the best 12 months so far with them, only a few minor hiccups. 

UNTIL my contract needed renewing....
after about 3 weeks of hell trying to get a renewal to our old sky deal  they convinced me the new VF TV was the best option. Needless to say i had told them to take it all back and not charge me a cent for it as it has been the worst we have ever had from them and has ceased my thoughts on paying for cable/satelite TV ever again.

1. We cant record most or all shows on 1,2,3,choice,duke where 70% of our shows we like to watch are. Which is funny considering the person i spoke to on Wednesday 13th June (eveneing) from the retention team was adament i was given wrong information about the lack of recording features and everything was able to be recorded.

2. YES we have catch up TV for 3 days, but that doesnt help the shows that my son wants me to record (and cant) for him to watch. Clincher, he is in 50/50 shared care and is away for a week at a time. Or the fact i work evenings and we used to do binge watching together on the weekends, we now cant


3. the top box often looses quality (to the point you can barely make out the logo of the channel you are on), freezes and is actually behind with its streaming by up to a minute vs our freeview


4. I am affectively paying $30 more for 6 months and $50 more for the other 6 months of a 12 month contract for being a beta tester for a poor product. 


5. it took 10 working days from my acceptance to finally get someone to have my sky disconnected (was told on 3 occasions it would happen overnight) and that the VF TV would be running ASAP. 


6. The apps are a crock, my TV has these built in ! Its a glorified poor quality APPLE TV or CHROMECAST device 


7. no reminder feature which doesnt help for the shows you cant record.


8. fast forward just shows a still image + timer and you play a huge guessing game to scroll past the adverts. 


9. Saturday just been (around 1 and a half days into having this, the top box froze while changing channels and had "unidentified error" at the top right corner, and a blank screen. power cycled, tried again and it did it again. this happened for over an hour and was the straw that broke the camels back to us using Freeview since. 


10. have requested VF to remove the TV service from our account and come up with a deal that matches and betters what new customers get for unlimited internet and Voice only or i will be removing my services completely and fighting any charges with the commerce commision. I am still awaiting a reply for the lovely Jessie who has been the shinning star in all of this. 

All in all out of 10 stars this gets a 1. only because it as simple to take out of the box and connect myself, and its small enough to not need a space in the entertainment unit where i had to have the doors open like every other top box. 
Other than that, and being a pretty litle black box, its useless. 

Until such time they have the quality issues resolved and provide a higher quality of streaming, the record features for ALL SHOWS ON ALL CHANNELS, and staff that know what they are talking about, it is not worth the cardboard box it arrives in. 

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