Unbelievably poor service.

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Unbelievably poor service.

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Hi I posted this on an existing thread a few days ago and haven't received any response yet:


It is in regard to a "migration issue" and inability to fix the problem.




Account #33740


I have had exactly the same problem to summarise:

- Called Vodafone to report failure of My Sky on March 3rd. Updated bundled plan and told to expect tecnician to replace legacy Sky box within 2-4 working days.

- No tecnician arrived so called back a few weeks later. Have had to repeat calls 8-10 times each call taking more than an hour as each time I had to repeat the entire issue to the vodafone call taker.

- Finally insisted on speaking to a manager/supervisor in migrations who seemed to work out that the upgrade of the plan had been bungled which caused the migration to fail.

- I have now re-ordered the upgrade and am awaiting the promised technician with the utmost skepticisim.


I have been with Vodafone for many years. Throughout this ordeal I have remained calm and polite and have continued to pay my Vodafone bills including the portion for My Sky - $119.54


I believe that as I have been paying for a service that I have not been receiveing due to the incomptetence of Vodafone that I should receive a credit to my account for that period of time i.e. 4 months @ $119.54 = $478.16


When I raised this with the Vodafone sales agent I was told that the most that could be done was one months worth of credit. When I requested to speak to her manager/supervisor (who she had just conferred with) I was informed that this would not be possible. 


I genuinely believe that I am merely asking the minimum of what would be fair - credit for services that were not delivered. In reality if Vodafone cared about their faithful clients they would be offering significantly more than that.


I look forward to your response - and the long awaited visit from the tecnician.




Harry Stevenson

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