Unable to contact Vodafone help line

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Unable to contact Vodafone help line

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50 mins on hold 64368782_880033465684753_881168147715981312_n.jpg

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Re: Unable to contact Vodafone help line

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I'm on hold to them on both my landline and cellphone - both over 55 minutes on hold.....peridically with the message "a VF ninja staff member will be with you shortly...."


All this to ask AGAIN why I get a frozen new VFbox on a regular basis in the evenings....tonight, sat down to watch a movie and what do you know, 20 minutes in and boomf......SA0005 error, black screen, cannot connect to internet, please contact VF.


They really are a truly disgusting company who have ZERO thought towards what customer service may mean.  Sending us all a brochure promising two minutes or less to answer calls and you are an hour on hold for the umpteenth time.....seriously if it was the US I would sue them.


You cannot get time back, it is the most valuable thing to all of us.  It is irreplacable.


Over the last year or two alone I have spent over 24 hours on hold to VF, not talking to anyone - just on hold.



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Re: Unable to contact Vodafone help line

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Pretty sad isn't it.


Unfortunately I can't help - but I sure can commisurate.  And they don't give a **bleep**.

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