Unable to catch-up THREE news on Vodafone TV

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Unable to catch-up THREE news on Vodafone TV

by SueCo Starter Poster
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I just got the Vodafone TV box with the wonderful promise of "the ability to watch shows which aired up to 3 days ago using VodafoneTV's Catch up feature".  This does not appear to be the case.

Arriving home late last night and wanting to catch up on the news, I could catch up on the One news okay, but not the THREE news. 

Any ideas why?


Additionally there was a movie playing I missed the start of, but it was not possibly to record or rewind to the beginning or play later on catch-up.  I could have watched if the plus-1 channels were available, but these are not available on my Vodafone TV box.






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Re: Unable to catch-up THREE news on Vodafone TV

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Come on Vodafone!! This is a continual issue with not being able to series record or watch on catch-up Newshub on 3. It will get fixed and then a few months later re-occur.


Sort your sh1t out and fix it properly, how hard can it be!!?? 

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Re: Unable to catch-up THREE news on Vodafone TV

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It's not just the Three News, it seems to be everything.


The best I can hope for is a rewind to the start of a show, but even then I'm being hopeful. Most cases it's between 2 and 15 minutes, regardless of the channel. If it's a movie a few seconds at most. The most notable exception is Parliament, I can rewind 4 hours.


James Bond : Spectre is on tonight, we missed the start by 15 minutes. Unable to rewind or record. Wife says "but we can catch it up on Three Plus and record it there" we can't, there's no such thing.


The disclaimer to the 3 day recording: *Recording and 3 Day Rewind available on 90% of content. Recordings are stored for a limited time.


I think I've been sold a crock. I think it's time to review all options, including reverting to SkyTV, paying their premium and getting cheaper broadband elsewhere to balance things out.



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