Trying to make a change to my sky account

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Trying to make a change to my sky account

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I rang customer services yesterday as I want to change from Sky Basic (Sky starter + entertainment) to just Sky Starter. After going around in circles for about 25 minutes with him telling me that I already had sky starter as part of my package, I think he finally understood what I wanted to do, but then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't help as he was in billing (despite that being the munber it says to call with regards to adding or removing sky channels) & I could either look on my vodafone account to see what package I had or maybe I could try calling back another time & speaking to one of their sales people to see if they could help. Rang the sales team & they just offered me a new plan with vodafone tv with sky but couldn't give me a straight answer as to whether the vodafone tv box has to plug into my modem using an ethernet cable or whether it can be connected via wi-fi. Who do I call to just be able to make the change to my sky account? I really didn't think it would be this diificult....

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Re: Trying to make a change to my sky account

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Hi @Nic01 


Sorry you have had issues here.  I understand you want to downgrade from Sky Starter+Entertainment to Sky Starter.

Do you have the new Vodafone TV (small square set top box) ?


if you can PM me with your account number, I can ask someone to make this change.


Unfortunately the Gen 1 (first version) of the new Vodafone TV does not have Wifi.  You would need to use a Wifi Extender or ethernet.  The new 'Gen 2' version has wifi built in and can be purchased outright.  With that STB you can easily add/remove Sky packages yourself using the Vodafone TV portal.




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