Telstra T Box

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Telstra T Box

by LeonieWilson Starter Poster
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Finally, my old Telstraclear T Box has died. The technician (Noel Leeming) who came with my new TV said he couldn't even touch the AC Adapter as it was too hot. I don't really want to get a new Vodafone box as i'm not impressed with the reviews - I want to be able to record anything and everything, like my TBox does.


I would rather stay with Vodafone, but if I can't record everything then i would have to switch to Sky.

But then I'd have to sign up with a contract (24 months) and as I'm looking at retiring this year or next, I don't want to have to payj an exit fee. Good grief!


Can  anything be done to "fix" the T Box? Is it the actual box that's making the adapter hot, or is it the adapter itself?


Any suggestions / advice greatly appreciated.





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Re: Telstra T Box

by Staff HamishSansom Staff
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Hi @LeonieWilson 


Sorry, but the Tbox product is no longer suppported and broken units cannot be replaced. If you want a solution that can record 100% of all Freeview content then MySky or the Freeview PVR box is probably your best bet :


In saying that, the reviews for the new VTV product you've read probably relate to the product launched 2 years ago.  The product has come a long way and you should check it out. It comes packed full of so much TV and Movie content that not being able to record 100% of Freeview shouldn't be an issue. 


If you direct message me we can sort out the best solution for you.  You won't have to pay exit fees given you're a loyal Tbox customer,

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