Technically TOTALLY incomplete

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Technically TOTALLY incomplete

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I want to get out of Vodafone TV. I want MySky back - it works. Vodafone TV doe NOT:

  • "trying to connect to internet" or something like that when under settings it says CONNECTED. this happens often
  • "not allowed to record due to content" - what on earth do you mean?
  • jumping to a stupid place in the program when rewinding/forward winding..(? = who wrote the software???)
  • changing channel and all of a sudden connection is lost

and last but not least - when you're actually watching something you are interested in (BUT CANNOT RECORD) the sense of trepidation at even thinking about rewinding/pasuing or whatever as there is a better than even chance that it will all go WRONG...


Worse software ever - totally immature and does not even come close to MySky!! Going back to MySky, where I, along with mature software , have CONTROL and things actually work!



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Re: Technically TOTALLY incomplete

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I have the same issue but they refuse to accept their software has bugs in it. I bought a wifi power plug to keep power cycling the sh1t box
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