TV pausing then restarting....

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TV pausing then restarting....

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We have recently upgraded our ADSL (3mbps down and 0.7mbps up) to a point to point Internet rural solution (getting 25mbps down and 5 mbps up woohoo) which is the best we can get given our location unless we go satellite.


Netflix, Neon, Mysky, kids streaming YouTube etc are all working way better but we have found that when watching TV (channel 1, 2, 3 etc) that every 30 seconds or so the programme pauses and then restarts. We have two VTV boxes in the house and both are doing the same thing. Seems odd that we are having no issues with anything else but the TV channels which is frustrating as when we were on the ADSL plan the TV channels worked better than they are now!!


The VTVs are Ethernet connected to a switch then to the router exactly the same as it was prior to the Internet please!

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