TV fast forward

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TV fast forward

by voodoomoo Starter Poster
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When are you going to deploy a fix for vadafone TV to enable visuals with fast forwarding and rewinding? It's very frustrating having to guess. Last update I see was 22 weeks ago and supposedly a fix had been coded but not deployed due to a freeze?
Please provide an update
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Re: TV fast forward

by LanceMorgan Starter Poster
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Excellent Question. Come on Vodafone it has been far to long to fix this issue. I am surprised you supplied a product that wasn’t capable of such in the first place. Update Please

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Re: TV fast forward

by Bazzjack Starter Poster
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shame I didn't do enough research on the tv box no fast forward and can't record every program oh well 11 months and 3 weeks to go

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Re: TV fast forward

by johnr Retired Staff
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@JamRam  Do you know what is happening with the visual Fast forward?

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Re: TV fast forward

by Regular Contributor JamRam Regular Contributor
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Question: do you wait until both Gen1 and Gen2 support or let one go before the other?
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Re: TV fast forward

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by Expert Contributor Expert Contributor
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Why are Y'all having so much trouble with Gen1? It was my understanding the only hardware difference is Gen2 has wifi and Gen2 also has a self service web portal.

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Re: TV fast forward

by Regular Contributor JamRam Regular Contributor
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They both have different hardware components/limitations. For example the wifi modules on the GEN2 box is very different to the GEN1 device. In addition the memory constraints for both hardware types are also different.


This leads to a knock on effect to each STB type needing different driver modules to handle core aspects such as video processing, HDCP negotiation and third party app handling which in turn impacts the layers that handle the firmware to the UI.

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Re: TV fast forward

by Regular Poster BlakeNZ Regular Poster
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I just hope the gen1 hardware is up to scratch to keep up with gen2 (with the exception of wifi) especially since this is still being given to customers who sign up to broadband plans. Customers see the ads about the new Vodafone TV and then hear they can get it included as part of their broadband plan (Even if they learn that it doesn't have wifi like the retail version does) they expect the rest to be the same, so hopefully you guys can get over these speedbumps Smiley Happy And once you achieve software parity (hopefully in January) Hopefully it can stay relatively close

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Re: TV fast forward

by Frequent Poster GarethCollins Frequent Poster
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Question:  Why is Vodafones attitude towards servicing their customers and being honest so pathetic that condascending questions like jamram has asked are even contemplated?


Poor sucker Gen1 users as you call them have had a crap product for a **bleep** long time, locked into a joke service and paying through the backside for it and you cannot get a simplistic thing like fast forward working....but you sure can promise it - heck I even have it in writing from your TV gurus that it would be up and operating in JULY 2019!!!!  


The absolute fact is that you should be, as a matter of first instance, sorting this simple thing for Gen1 Users ABOVE AND BEYOND worrying about doing it for anyone else.  THAT should be your priority.  Us poor users don't really care that you as a company chose to ignore fixing major major issues with a lemon product, and decided to bypass us completely and not fix them and instead focus on releasing a seperate product line to all and sundry.


Hope that answers such an offensive question.  Talk about the cheek of it!  


Mind you I am only on here instead of watching the show I was as your crap product has done its "daily" update where we wonder what actually updated, and hope nothing else has broken - pity if "cancel" update option DOES NOT WORK and force updates anyway so you can't continue watching what you were and as per usual the crap update ends up throwing you onto TV1.....WHY?  I guess Vodafone cant even do the update to set it back to the channel is was on.  UG.


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