TBox Service discontinued without warning

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TBox Service discontinued without warning

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Last week (May 19), our TBox service was switched off by Vodafone without warning. After many hours trying to contact tech support, I was told that all TBoxes were being replaced by new Vodafone TV boxes. Vodafone had given us no warning. We have been Vodafone broadbands customers since Ihug was bought by the company and have had the TBox since the early days of Vodafone fibre Sky services.


After a second call, One of the offshore techs managed to get my Tbox going again and said it was to tide me over until the new one arrived. It was switched off again after two days and we were left with no access to Tv other than through the TVNZ app  on our smart TV. Meanwhile, a new router arrived. Terrified of losing internet access as well, I set this up with the new account number and it's been working OK. (I am a retiree, but spending many hours creating and broadcasting via Zoom interactive music sessions for dementia patients and their carers stuck at home during lockdown. Any disruption if my internet would have left 40 people without this service. Had it not been for that, and the disruptions of loavjdown, I would have reverted to Sky and found another internet provider. I WAS AND AM FURIOUS).


For three more days, I could access Sky Go on my laptop and screen it onto my TV via Apple TV or HDMI cable. We had friends coming on Saturday to have dinner and to watch the NZ Warriors' first match of the NRL season. The day of the  match, our access to The Sky Go app was also switched off, because our old account had been terminated and, because the VTV box hadn't arrived, couldn't activate the new one. We ascertained this after spending about an hour at the Vidafone shop in Centreplace, Hamilton. They informed us that because our old account was closed, we had a new account number and nothing could be activated until the new box arrived. We went to the pub to watch the NRL. 

The new box arrived yesterday, Sunday May 31 - the couriers had been working overtime. It was easy to set up and so far seems to be working OK, No manual was provided other than the set up guide and I've had to search the internet to find instructions for recording, playback etc. We have managed to pair two IPads to the box and are about to pair my IPhone. But no one can tell me if I record on the app, will the recording appear on the box and vice versa.


we are both very frustrated at the lack on communication from Vodafone. I would mention that the day before the disconnection ( May 18 or 17), there was a prerecorded message purporting to be from Vidafone on our landline. It sounded exactly like the ones we regularly get from someone pretending to be Spark telling us that our internet is about to be disconnected. We have never been Spark customers, so delete these. We did the same with the Vidafone one, assuming it to be spam. If it was genuine, Vodafine should be ashamed - recorded messages are usually spam. I would have expected an email and/ or a letter at the very least. Everyone ( including you call centre staff in India) has been under stress with lockdown and the timing of this was appalling. We were 'railroaded' into a new contract as we couldn't afford to have internet disrupted. We are usually early adopters if new technology (I worked with computers since the late 1980s and taught online from the early 1990s). So being upgraded isn't the issue, but the way it was done.


I will be seeking compensation for the ten days of no TV service.

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