Subtitles/Captions on Vodafone TV

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Subtitles/Captions on Vodafone TV

by DarrenLudlam New Poster
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My parents have recently signed up to Vodafone TV and, as no one was willing to go out to help them install it, I have done that for them.  However they want to have closed captions for some shows and I have been unable to locate this.  Please provide instructions on how to set this up.  Thank you.

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Re: Subtitles/Captions on Vodafone TV

by betnevnz Starter Poster
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Good luck with that - it's not enabled on the system from my experience. It's rumoured that they are going to add them 'soon'. My parents are in the same boat - since early May and just don't bother watching TC now. I'm also disappointed the TVNZ on deamand doesn't have closed captions for TV One news either - so they just have to really on the internet for their news until this is sorted out. Very disappointing. We wonldn't have changed to the new system if we'd known.

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Re: Subtitles/Captions on Vodafone TV

by UrsulaBecroftThynne New Poster
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For Deaf custiomers who have spent a large amount of money setting this up means this is extremely disapointing as there is point in keeping this service 

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