Sky through Vodafone and vodafone TV

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Sky through Vodafone and vodafone TV

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I have sky tv through vodafone. If I was to buy a vodafone TV will i need to set up sky again or will my account automatically be mirrored to the vodafone TV?



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Re: Sky through Vodafone and vodafone TV

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Hi, the new Vodafone TV is completely separate from the Sky TV product (including the Sky with Vodafone product).  You can add Sky to it, but it's then charged to your credit card independently of any other Sky services you may have.  So, if you want to upgrade from your current Sky service without interruption, you would get the new Vodafone TV running with Sky, and then cancel your existing Sky service.


Vodafone will be contacting existing Sky with Vodafone customers with an offer to assist with the upgrade over the coming months.

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