Sky issue

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Sky issue

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I have a problem that I'd like to get solved.
I changed account type a few months ago but apparently there was a problem with account migration and my Sky TV wasn't carried over properly.
Two weeks ago I got an email saying "You've asked us to close your account and disconnect your fixed line services. Because you signed up for SKY with Vodafone, this means SKY will also be disconnected." On Monday it was indeed disconnected, and I got a phone message from Sky telling me to return the box or they'll start charging me.
I have since tried to fix the problem with three or four phone calls and two Ninja chats, each time being told it is now a highest priority and not to worry, we'll get right on it etc.. Nothing has happened. And because there's no way to contact Vodafone that leaves a paper trail I have to start from the beginning each call.
I'm just hoping that someone at Vodafone might see this and take it upon themselves to find a solution.





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