Sky channels on Vodafone TV not working

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Sky channels on Vodafone TV not working

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I am a new subscriber to Sky Starter and Sky Sports on Vodafone TV. Got our box two weeks ago before we moved house hoping when the internet got setup could just plug in and away we go. Unfortunately it has not happened like that!! I have spent probably about 6 hours on the phone to Vodafone over the last 7 days (internet finally got switched now over last Thursday). Because the sky channels which they are saying are activated, are not and do not work. Every time I speak to someone they give me a different story and I feel I’ve spoken to the whole team. I have tried all the resets and power offs and all different things. The latest last night was that it hadn’t been activated on the back end and now it has been so it should work. Powered it off, reset the modem and it’s still not working. I’m really at my wits end with this whole thing, know the hold music off by heart too (not a good thing). Can somebody from Vodafone please figure out what is going on with this thing or cancel it today?!!! And I will go to Sky. My partner is getting super frustrated he has not been able to watch the cricket/ rugby and this had all just been a massive disappointment and waste of time.
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Re: Sky channels on Vodafone TV not working

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Hi @jwalker88 


Sorry to hear about the trouble.   Can you please private message me with the following information and I will take a look for you.


  • Are there any channels working?  What are the error codes (if any) shown on the screen
  • Account number
  • Household ID listed under the 'More Settings/Information screen'
  • Serial Number listed under the 'More Settings/Information screen'





I work in Media Operations.

Please note that I am not a part of the social media team and help out on my own time where possible.
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