Sky With Vodafone

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Sky With Vodafone

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I am bit suprised you are able to sell additional Sky channels via your TV box but not able to do the same if I havent switched to TV Box mode. I feel this being very unfair.

I checked the same with SKY and they were suprised to hear that VF cannot sell Colours channel to MYSKY subscribers (via Cable service)


Why this is an issue. I am happy to pay and stay with my cable service with VF but would like additional channel. VF advised that I have to switch my account with SKY NZ to enable my service. This will cost me more just to get a channel. Moving back to SKY will end up cost me $30 more. Is it worth a business decision to switch. I guess no...But my question is WHY VF can't add my request on MYSKY Account.






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