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Sky TV

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Hi there,


We are going travelling for a few months and would like to put our SKY on hold from 3 April to 31 August 2019.  We want to resume the service when we get back so don't want to have to cancel it, lose all of our programmes and return the hardware, only to have to go through reinstating it all when we return.  


We recently cancelled our home phone and rolled SKY into our broadband billing and the primary reason we did that was because, when we explained to the Vodafone sales rep that we wanted to put our SKY on hold while we travelled, they reassured us that we could absolutely do that. 


However, when I phoned recently to organise it, I was told that we can't - they either have to transfer back to SKY to put it on hold or cancel it outright.  I even discussed keeping our base package and paying for it to avoid the hassle but was told that we would have to return the rest of the hardware.


We have been customers of SKY for 15 years so didn't make the decision lightly to move to a more streamlined approach with Vodafone. Now we're wishing we stayed with SKY because it feels like we've been lied to by Vodafone just to get a sale.


I would have never taken up the offer if I'd known that it would cause this much hassle!!!  Could you please advise soonest if there is anything you can do to help us? 



Jen Andrews




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Re: Sky TV

by Staff HamishSansom Staff
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Hi @JennyAndrews , I'll investigate and get back to you early next week. 



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