Sky TV but not as we know it.

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Sky TV but not as we know it.

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My 12 month contract has run out, that is for Broadband, landline and Satelite Sky TV.


I am told point blank that Sky is no longer available for new customers or contract renewals.  They are partly right.  Not for satelite customers BUT you can go on Vodafone TV and get Sky that way,


Well done Vodafone......    What about those who are NOT on Fibre.  Yes there are thousands of us that dont have that privilidge.  My VDSL is NOT reliable, very slow speeds.


Vodafone is run by people who live in a big city and I doubt if they have ever ventured outside the city limits to see how a large majority of the country folk have to put up with ancient technology.


When I questioned a staff member as to why we had not been warned of this change I wss told "WE don't have to tell our Customers anything."    (I have that lady's name and store location available to those who are interested.)  She also told me to read the information on their website properly.     What a charming lady.


I have been "Promised" a great deal by Vodafone Exceutive but they are still to contact me.

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Re: Sky TV but not as we know it.

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Hi @Idiom37 ,


Sorry about the experience you've had here.  This agent has not been following our guidance.  It would be great if you could please direct message me the agent's name so that we can provide a bit of corrective training and also check if our guidance to agents isn't clear enough.


However, it is true that we aren't offering the Sky's satellite service and are now focussed 100% on providing Sky through Vodafone TV going forward.  What this means is that Vodafone broadband customers who don't have Fibre (or HFC broadband), and who don't already have Sky satellite, will need to buy new Sky satellite connections from Sky directly.  We will continue to support existing custoemers, but we are working with Sky to assign these customers back to Sky directly towards the end of the year.  Sky are better placed for billing and supporting Sky over satellite, Vodafone is best placed to support Sky (and Freeview, Netflix etc) over high speed broadband.   And, yes, we do have great deals for Sky on Vodafone TV, again please direct message me to find out more. 



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