Show cuts out towards end

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Re: Show cuts out towards end

by moggy83 Starter Poster
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I have the exact same issues. Come on Vodafone. I look like a right tool as it was my idea to dump sky TV for this and my wife is fuming as she misses the end. She has already said she wants sky box back. I've spent $300 on two boxes that are not fit for purpose. Also occasionally my screen goes blank for a second before coming back on again. This is also annoying my wife HELP VODAFONE
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Re: Show cuts out towards end

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by Frequent Poster GarethCollins Frequent Poster
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Feeling your pain Moggy83, feeling your exactly the same wife has given me endless head damage, usually several times a day when it faults out, when we have loss of service, stupid error messages or it locks up or show cuts out.... - the new useless CEO of Vodafone should have to sit and listen to what we have had to, see how he feels, instead of putting out smug ads claiming things that are not true about crappy VF products.  


Just how useless is the new CEO - I emailed him directly with this and other issues in January - including why I could not view a channel we subscribe to, he fobbed me off to some high level cust service manager who I am still waiting to contact me......still don't know what that issue was, but I sure had to pay for the answer I did get was "oh maybe you have to re-sign your contract for another two years, would you like to now?"  I mean seriously now!

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Re: Show cuts out towards end

by DeanMcMillan Starter Poster
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Definitely still an issue.  Maybe if they diverted some of the budget from the frequent Cliff Curtis-this-is-an-amazing-product-your-entire-entertainment-needs-at-your-fingertip kind of ads, they might have the time / resources / budget to fix this up...



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Re: Show cuts out towards end

by stamca Starter Poster
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This is also happening to us. 

Also found if I use the 3 day rewind option on a show and start to fastforward it will work for the first time but if I try to FF again it does nothing.

I have to go back to the TV guide menu and reselect the show and FF to the new spot. Then only to have the end of the show cut off!!!


Then have to go to the proceeding show and rewind to the start just to watch the end of the show I actually was watching. Just crazy. 


Especally since this is one of the marketing features - 3 day rewind!!!


Dropped mysky for this.


And since the last system update the recording links has all replays on other channels. Such a pain.


Onlything I've found somewhat useful is the apps - Netflix etc.

Without those I'd go back to mysky right now.


One can only but hope that these issues get sorted ASAP.

I am glad I got this as a bundle and not paid the RRP $149 they want for it.



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Re: Show cuts out towards end

by Regular Poster G571 Regular Poster
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We also have the exact same issue & also have a very annoyed wife!

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Re: Show cuts out towards end

by Gregws Starter Poster
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Surely it is just an issue with times not aligning, Eg show finishing at 7:35pm instead exactly at 7:30pm.

Can't Vodafone TV just set the restart to allow going 10 minutes either side of the show to resolve this?


As we are essentially streaming TV over internet why is this even an issue?

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