Second Vodafone TV device with SA005 error

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Second Vodafone TV device with SA005 error

by pjnetnz New Poster
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I received my second new Vodafone TV box in a week today after spending 2 fairly long calls to customer support. I've just connected the box and it has exactly the same issue as the last one. The error SA005 which the tech last week tells me means the box is not activated. I just called again but the wait is 30 mins and I can't wait that long. Luckily I have 2 prepaid return envelopes and am tempted to use them both if my account cannot be sorted out. The tech last week said the box I had couldn't be activated although nobody explained anything further to me I've just received a return envelope and then this new device. So I'm picking there's something wrong with my account. But what. Does anybody have an idea what is going on?
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Re: Second Vodafone TV device with SA005 error

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I think it means your STB is not provisioned - ie they have not turned it on at their end.


It will be the start of massive problems for you - the new VF box is horrendous.  We've just spent another evening with it playing up - apparently internet connection errors (at least 20 so far in last two hours), it's locked up twice, done other random things.


But that is just the start - check out the board for how many other issues it actually has - it is so inferior to the T-Boxes it isn't funny.  Basically we''ve all been conned into a lemon.

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Re: Second Vodafone TV device with SA005 error

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi @pjnetnz 


You messaged me over at GZ.  Thanks for the Serial number of the STB.  Can you please PM me here with your account number so I can check on the provisioning system itself?





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