Same Issues

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Same Issues

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Not sure what happened last night, or if it was just us. Watched the news fine then a soon as we tried to change channels to TV2 the screen went blank & we couldnt watch anything, after restarting & waiting we finally got it going but it was constantly coming up with connection error messages & 'cant perform that operation right now' even though we wernt even touching the remote. Even when it started playing again the screen was going blank for about 2 or 3 seconds every minute constantly all night until we went to bed, hopefully this was a one off becacuse it was very similar to the same issues we had a couple of months ago!

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Re: Same Issues

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I've been having similar issues recently too, most frustrating!


I've also had a recent problem when watching a recorded program, it would keep stopping and going back to live channel, I'd get it playing again for a few minutes, then it would happen again, and again, and again...... 


There is definitely a limit to how long I will put up with the glitchiness of Vodafone TV.

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