SA005 Vodafone TV and WiFI Extenders

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SA005 Vodafone TV and WiFI Extenders

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Hi there, 

We have received our Vodafone TV box however the modem wasn't near the TV Box so was given the Vodafone Extenders by a friend who wasn't using them.  They bridge and connect ok, but when I turn on the TV and connect it reports SA005 error.  Any ideas what I need to do next?

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Re: SA005 Vodafone TV and WiFI Extenders

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The FAQ page shows error codes.

It appears that Vodafone has not yet provisioned your broadband connection for Vodafone TV - they have to go to Chorus to make this happen. Suggest you call them and select the 'Ninja' option with your account number and Voda TV box SN or via the web site 'contact' option send them an email - currently the response times seem quite  reasonable.They won't provision until they know you have the box connected - it appears that the new boxes have inbuilt wi-fi but until the software is updated it isn't enabled.

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