Remote not functioning

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Remote not functioning

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We have had VTV Gen2 for about 4 months and when it works, which is about 3/4 of the time it is great.


However we frequently have had to get things going again by power-resetting the box, by re-pairing the remote (yellow + 3), or by removing the batteries from the remote and then putting them back.


Sometimes we can get a result quite quickly, within a minute, but not always.


The worst was today, where nothing work after several tries. The remote was completely unresponsive. So I removed the batteries from the remote yet again and went away and did something else.


Half an hour later I put the batteries back in again and after re-pairing the remote and resetting the box ... success.


I am writing this post in the hope that further suggestions can be offered which will either prevent so many issues, or at least make them easier to fix in a reasonable time.


Thank you.





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