Remote broken

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Remote broken

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Hi, I bought Vodafone Tv 2 months ago on the 2nd of January, my remote no longer works it has no power going through it at all? It has not been dropped or misused and there are no children or animals here that could damage it. I have tried to reset as per the online instructions but it doesn’t work at all. There is no led light on the remote lighting up and it won’t turn on or do anything to the receiver box? It is not the batteries as I have tried others and also the ones in the remote work on my other remote for normal tv. I think the Vtv remote is faulty? Can you please advise if I can get a replacement and do i have to pay for that if i am not at fault? Or do you have any other advice that may help?
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Re: Remote broken

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This happens to mine every now and again.  I just turn tv box at the wall for 30 seconds and turn it back on and it usually fixes it.  It is a hassle when it happens!

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