Recording useless on my new Vodafone TV!!!!!

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Recording useless on my new Vodafone TV!!!!!

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Ive just bought and installed my new Vodafone TV. I have a Panasonic Freeview which I can record anything on.... I bought the Vodafone TV as its advertised that it can record up to 500 hours, but in all that advertising is doesnt tell you that very little content from overseas can be recorded, thats most stuff! I just gave a demo to my neighbours how bad the recording section in the Vodafone TV is, 5 progs in a row from TV 1 and TV 3 wouldnt allow me to record them, my neighbours all said this is a joke!!!!! I said yes it is, its absolutly horrible. The only thing I could show them that would record was the news on TV 1&2, this is pathetic!!!!!! Shame on you Vodafone, I hate the new box I just bought, what a waste of $179.


How do others feal about this, are you happy..... 

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