Record on app and playback On VTV box

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Record on app and playback On VTV box

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This is a question, not a reply. This site is impossible.... if I am away and record a show in the app on my IPad, can I watch it on my TV when I get home? Nine if the FAQ sheets tell you how to d this. If my home box is on standby, will a show recorded on my IPad show on the list of recordings on my TV box?

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Re: Record on app and playback On VTV box

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Hi @SueChristinaMiddleton 


Yes, if you set something up to record on the mobile app, it will get recorded 'in the cloud' and you will be able to view it once recorded on the mobile app (if rights allow) or on the set top box.

The set top box can be powered off, it does not matter as the recordings are all 'in the cloud (recorded on our content delivery network)'.



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