Record all channels not happy

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Record all channels not happy

by Contributor richardjames123 Contributor
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I am not happy at the moment
As I can't record all channels on

Tvnz 1 , tvnz 2 , tvnz 3, and bravo same of my favorite tv programmes

When I go on to tvnz app and three now

Some programmes got like 30 days to view

Or 12 days

And 6 days

If I what to watch it , it is gone for ever .

When are u guys working to record all channels and the timer too it just a picture as this is different than my sky plus

I might cancel my Vodafone tv box but not at the moment

Please get back to me

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Re: Record all channels not happy

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post, we are working on recording and visual scrubbing is on the list for a future release. I hope to be able to share details soon.





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Re: Record all channels not happy

by ericaamon Starter Poster
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thats hardly a solution!

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