Poor Services

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Poor Services

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We have been loyal customers of Vodafone for more than 8 years and we have had the worst experience ever since we sign up with Vodafone TV back in September 2018.

We were told that this service was going to be the best and faster, with good quality so we sign up. Rather did we know this was the beginning of a horrible experience? The service that we received was low quality, and most of the times we cannot watch anything as the connection either not connecting or malfunction.

So we called and we were told that we need to get extenders so the internet connection can be connected well. But it only temporary fixed the problem, every time our TV service froze or stop working we try what was told to us previously by the last technician to reboot, turn off connection and turn it on again. This has been going on for more than a year and a half since we sign up and no one ever since remedy anything we cannot watch anything for long before it froze and stop entirely.

The only times we call is when we have tried every possible way to remedy it and nothing works so we called up, and again someone from Vodafone told us the same old thing this only temporary remedy  it but it never fixed anything. This poor service has been going on and on for a year and a half and of course we are tired of calling and calling but nothing seems to be solving the problem, so we thought we just can be bothered.

It was a week ago on the first week of February 2020 that my husband called again as we had enough of having poor interrupted services and this time someone from Technical team has told him that we need a “Booster” the booster was posted to us and we installed it and to our surprise WOW the service was good and no more problems after a week of getting the booster.

The question is why wasn't anyone from Vodafone Technical team advice us of a "booster" when we initially sign up for Vodafone TV?

This would have saved us a lot of quality time and effort calling in several times over and over again. We know that ever since we sign up  with Vodafone TV back in September 2018, Vodafone has miserably FAILS to remedy our TV Services problems, and that Vodafone should  and MUST held accountable for not providing us your valued and loyal customers the service you promised to provide.

 Therefore we strongly believe we are entitle for a compensation/refund from the day we sign up until the day we got the booster in January 2020.

To add to the drama and horrible experience with Vodafone, trying to get them to pay our money back was another nightmare!!!

I myself called Vodafone requesting for our Compensation/Refund and spoke to various different representatives from Vodafone and every time I called, I have to exhaustively have to repeat myself over and over again as no one seems to LISTEN and none of them seems to be putting any notes in our file so when we call we repeat the same story over and over again. Honestly this is epic fail CUSTOMER SERVICES.

When I first contact Vodafone about our refund on the Monday 10/02 I spoke to a person name: Chandan from Technical Team" he told me that he will be taking ownership of my request and will relate this to his billing team and will get back to me. I trusted this person and waited but no one called me back. I call again on Thursday 13/02 and I spoke to someone by the name Rohit who told me that he will ask a supervisor to call me the next day, and was also able to re-calculate my February bill as it was incorrect.  We were charged for a booster that we were told cost will be waived by some other Vodafone representative, and that we were charged for other charges that we were not suppose to be charged with so Rohit was able to get the bill from $243 down to $58.63 to which I urge him to send me an email about this new bill changes for my records unfortunately to date I still haven't received any email about this bill and the changes.

 Where is the TRUST in this? Yet again poor CUSTOMER Services Vodafone. Then someone named Ujjwan supervisor called me on Friday 14/02 and we talked for almost an hour or more trying to explain to him yet again what is going on. Ujjwan said he will have to speak to his team first and will confirm our final compensation/refund. Ujjwan came back and said his team has agreed to pay us a compensation/refund of $210? What?? And to make it worse this was not paid to our account instead it was credited to back to our Vodafone account to which we haven't consent Vodafone to do.

We were shocked and not satisfied with the outcome of this decision and we strongly DISPUTE  it with Ujjwan however he keeps saying they can only pay compensation/refund to us based on the days we call in for when our service was not working.  UNBELIEVEABLE!!.  Which part of what we told you that you NOT getting? Our services did not get fixed or remedied until we got the BOOSTER!! And WE DO NOT HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO CALL YOU VODAFONE EVERY DAY when yet you obviously see from your end we have been calling in for the last year and a half to fix our services which you FAIL to” and yet we paid for it??? This is NOT right at all….  

Honestly as valued customers of Vodafone for years we felt so unsatisfied and furious with this outcome; we felt Vodafone does NOT wants to own up to anything and should based their findings on the TRUTH. We strongly believe that we are entitled to be compensated/refund from the day we sign up 26/09/19 with Vodafone TV up until the day we got the Booster. We felt like we were been disadvantaged and treated unfairly by Vodafone and we deserve to have our money refunded back to us. We believe Vodafone fail to deliver, fail to provide,  fail to listen, fail to trust, and in return you will fail to retain membership from us. We urge Vodafone to get this sorted for us URGENTLY” We will be taking this to further avenues until this is resolved. Very Disappointing  Vodafone Cust

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Re: Poor Services

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Email the CEO of VodafoneNZ direct he is very approachable


jason (dot) paris (at) vodafone (dot) com


Keep the email clean no swearing and just the facts

Ex VodafoneNZ staff member 17+ years and if you want real help from real people check out
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