Poor Customer Service

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Poor Customer Service

by Phuckedoff New Poster
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I first contacted Vodafone on 23 October because our vodafone sky had stopped working. The sales team member arranged for our plan to change from our legacy plan to a new plan. This involved a new hub, VodafoneTV box, Sky, landline etc.

The new hub, but not the VodafoneTV, arrived several days later. After connecting, I discovered that the landline was not working. I phoned Vodafone on 2 November about this and they fixed the problem remotely. After emailing the team member, the VodafoneTV box arrived 7 November (15 days after changing my plan) it had an incorrect street address. I connected this box only to discover that all the sky channels that I subscribe to were working, apart from sky sport. (I get a message asking if I want to subscribe). I sent an email to the Vodafone sales team explaining this on 8 November and asked for;

  1. Sky sport to be made available to view
  2. Consideration be given to some form of compensation for the inconvenience and frustration that this change has caused me to date.

I am still waiting for a reply.


It is somewhat disappointing that this issue has taken over three and a half weeks, so far, and has still not been resolved.



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Re: Poor Customer Service

by johnr Retired Staff
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@Phuckedoff  As posted in the other thread email Jason the CEO he is a really nice guy and gets things sorted ASAP

Ex VodafoneNZ staff member 17+ years and if you want real help from real people check out
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Re: Poor Customer Service

by Regular Contributor JamRam Regular Contributor
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@Phuckedoff not sure if this has resolved for you yet? If not please PM me details

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Re: Poor Customer Service

by mikey3 Starter Poster
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I have never been so frustrated with Vodafone since the new NZ group owners took over.  Two words "Bloody useless"


My Modem became faulty and I needed a replacement (Diganose after being on the phone with them for over an hour.  Then more time trying to sort out a replacement with the sale department). For  a free replacement I had to resign a new 2 year contract.


NO Problem, as I have been with Vodafone since its inception into NZ.  ( I started with ES in Dunedin, which was taken over by IHUG which was then taken over by VF) so I think I have been loyal.


New Modem arrived. Set up and noticed my connection is now 1/10 the speed it use to be. (I was on the gigabyte all you can eat plan)

3 Weeks later I received my monthly bill.  Opened and its my old account. Rang Vodafone and they informed me not to pay until 29 Nov.  Check online after 29th November and it should  be fixed and sorted.  I should have a credit on my new account of $15 and just pay on my final payment on my old account.


On the 30 November I logged on "My Vodafone" account and I have a bill of $160.  WTF....they said it should be in credit of $15.


Called Vodafone on the Saturday and I couldn't understand a word the person on the other end was saying.  The only part was he couldn't help but to call back on Monday.


Mr Paris and team.  YOU NEED TO SORT YOUR **bleep** OUT.   You customers are your business.  ITS THAT SIMPLE.


If I wasn't stuck with this 2 year contract I would be gone.



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Re: Poor Customer Service

by DarrenOBrien Starter Poster
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I feel you.  I rang up on Feb 22nd to get a landline and was put on a new 12 month contract with a free upgrade to Fibre X Max.

  9 months to the day later, after numerous complaints about having received no phone and no speed upgrade, I was finally told my order had been cancelled (but my contract was still valid?!) and that it would be done but on yet another 12 moth contract.  After complaining, i was told I would also get a $200 credit. 


Roll forward 2 more weeks, I rung up again, and told it would be done within 24 hours.  It's been another 2 days and still nothing.  I'm serously just waiting for the account credit (if it ever happens) so I can ditch this service. So fed up with all the false promises and empty contracts.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

by Frequent Poster NicholaCrawford Frequent Poster
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Had the same problem but since April, tried to cancel sky/vodafone tv and new contract with HFC max and free Vodafone tv only forthe contract to be cancelled 4 times, Signed a new contract 10mDecember and waiting on refund for $360 for paying for sky/tv and not having it. Wondering if I will have same trouble getting the money back, and how do I get a credit for my last bill which was for 24/11/2019 to 25/12/2019 which was cancelled on 9th December, will this be a mission?


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Re: Poor Customer Service

by Regular Contributor JamRam Regular Contributor
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@mikey3 I think you have posted in the wrong forum but in any case is you PM me your details I will try and help.
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Re: Poor Customer Service

by Hvan Starter Poster
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I spoke to vodafone and upgraded my internet to Max speed as well as Vodafone TV about a month and a half ago.  My equipment arrived with two extenders as part of the box.  A week later I was billed $150.00 for said extenders, something I was A) no ttold about and B) was nto told that I would be charged $150.00.

After phoning and complaining I was told to take the extenders to a Vodafone store.  (obviously it was inconvenient to Vodafone to arrange collection)  In the mean time we kept getting bill reminders, and also they decide to add in our old account.  An extra $260.00.  After several phone calls, and each time the script is "I am so sorry for the mistake, I will rectify it and you wont have this issue again.  Again more reminders and the old account still tagged onto our new account's bill.

Finaly this morning, services terminated for unpaid bills.  So I had to ring up again.  Services restored, lost payment located, and a promise AGAIN that the old account bill will not be included and will be deleted.  Was also told that and e-mail would be sent to verify this.  None sent.

Partner was told after a phone call that the extenders werwe in fact supposed to be free on our package.  The service rep that I spoke to said No, they are not free.

Vodafone I am really dissapointed.  Think I should have gone to Spark or Orcon. 

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Re: Poor Customer Service

by Regular Contributor JamRam Regular Contributor
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Hi there,


If you PM me your details I will get someone to look into this.





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Re: Poor Customer Service

by frustratedx1000 Starter Poster
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I spent over 20 hours collectively trying to get my home phone reconnected because a Vodafone agent disconnected it by accident. The problem hasn't been solved. Each time I was promised a date and that someone would get in touch to update me, but the problem never resolved at the promosed date, I had to call back, and each time I was speaking to a different agent, and was told there was a 'glitch' in the system, and that it will be done in the next 48 hours (that's what the previous agent said 48 hours ago). I spoke to 10 different agents over a period of a week, each time a different tale of story, and the promise to email or call me back with updates, none never did, what disappointed me more than the failure in providing the service we paid for, is the lack of integrity of the agents and their team leaders. 

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