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Pathetic Vodafone

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First of all, I was promised that my Wi-Fi/Vodafone TV combo will be installed on 02 July, Monday.
Nobody came and my Dad did the installation himself the Monday night.
After many pleas from our side a technician was only send out on Saturday. F@#$%n Saturday! After promising Monday!
On top of that, this technician refused to install the Vodafone TV in our bedroom because he said it will be extra. WTF! When I signed up I didn't see anywhere you stipulating that Vodafone will choose in my house where the Vodafone TV will be installed. There's already an installation in the house and he's working off that it seems to make it easy for him. The Vodafone TV was installed in my house in a location I did not want.
He completed the install and then the Vodafone TV didn't want to connect and he simple said to call Vodafone and he left.
I promise you and no kidding, since he left on Saturday up to now Sunday night we've been phoning nonstop being on hold for literally hours! HOURS I'm telling you! The very few times I got through, I was told I reached the wrong department. SKY says it's a Vodafone problem, Vodafone says it's a SKY problem.
I'm telling you straight, this is bulls@#t!

I have contacted the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution.

You will come fetch you s@#t TV box, I don't want it.
I will not pay for the technician, forget about it.
Try me further and I'll take this to the media.
I want this TV box gone out of my house by Monday end of business, or else I put it in my letter box where you can pick it up at your leisure.


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