Old vs. New Vodafone TV Set Top Boxes

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Old vs. New Vodafone TV Set Top Boxes

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Iam waiting for my new sky TV box. I requested the new box on 20th of March and still havent receieved anything.

I was told we can switch you over and send you a new box in the couple of days and we are quite busy at this stage.

days turn in weeks and weeks turn into months.


Now i have been told that a technician will come to inspect that i have the right connection. 
mate, i have been on Fibre and i have existing VF TV. what else your technical team need to know. if this was such a process i should have been advise before.

Very bad service.


Time to look somewhere else.




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Re: Old vs. New Vodafone TV Set Top Boxes

by Staff TheresaMalloy Staff
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Hi There, Sorry to hear that this has been happening to you with getting your TV services changed over. When you were connected to the previous Vodafone TV we definitely make sure that we have a technician to go out to swap it over. Sounds like someone did not set the right expectations with you when you signed up, I do apologise for that. Also it has taken a very long time to do this which seems that things have gone wrong. The technician should come and take away the old equipment that you had and make sure that the new TV is setup correctly. If you are happy to private message me your account number I will make sure that everything is rolling along. Again sorry it has taken so long. Thanks Theresa
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