No sound

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No sound

by pamgar Starter Poster
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I have no sound on Vodafone  TV but its ok on the tv set. This happens about  once a week. I have tried all ways to get the sound  but nothing seems to work Also my remote loses it's connection regularly and I have to reset to factory and then do another reset. This Vodafone TV had caused me a lot of frustration, and am thinking about  getting rid of it.

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Re: No sound

by T-Mac New Poster
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No reply to this? I have exactly the same sound problem
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Re: No sound

by Staff HamishSansom Staff
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Hi @T-Mac ,


Because many customers have very different TV sound setups (TV speakers, soundbars, 5.1 AV receivers, Dolby, DTS etc) there are a number of reasons why your sound may stop.



Please try this first: from the home screen navigate to the Settings menu, then More Settings, Audio & Visual, then two things to try:

1. select Reset volume level  (this 9/10 times fixes no sound issues) ; or

2. turn off Dolby Audio by seleting "Stereo" (this can fix some Dolby AV receiver issues)


Let me know if this works or not.




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Re: No sound

by Ivant New Poster
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My TV has no sound. I have reset box and modem aswell as sound settings. I have checked hdmi cable is all good. Still no sound. Please help
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