No information on TV Menu

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No information on TV Menu

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Hi Vodafone,


You have recently persuaded me to switch from Sky to Vodafone TV. I only use sky/Vodafone TV for live football ie Champions League etc. My first game I want to record tomorrow is on at 8 am and on the Vodafone TV menu it says No information, which means I cannot record it. 


I have had sky ten years and not missed a game, seriously. Except the years Utd were not in it, but that’s another story. My first two weeks with Vodafone TV and this happens? I’ve phoned the support and I’ve been told there is nothing I can do but catch the replay later and apologised. There is nothing I can do?! 


I am am forced to pay extra to have the sky sports channels and now I am told I cannot even watch it. This is unreal, I have never paid for a service and been told I can’t have it. Checked my sky app, which has never not worked, and it’s definitely on at 8 am but not on Vodafone TV. 


I look forward to a reply.


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Re: No information on TV Menu

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Hi There @JoeBailey


There was an issue with some EPG info today, which has now been resolved. Your box will automatically get the EPG data overnight, however if you want to get it updated now, Please can you reboot your Set Top Box. After it comes up, wait 5 minutes, and the Champions League EPG slot should be populated just fine, and able to record it.



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