No account for TV services

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No account for TV services

by GlenS New Poster
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Background Information: I send this e-mail to vodafone complaints on the 2 October 2019 and recieved a reply around 4 days later saying someone would contact me about our issue but nothing has happen.


On the 24 July 2019, I renewed your plan and received an e-mail confirming the details. In that plan was SKY TV with Vodafone. My next 3 invoices have not included the cost of the TV service. I have called over 8 times trying to sort this out and have received difference reasons and advice on how I should fix the issue including signed up with SKY directly and other staff saying they have fixed the issue. I have also received at least 4 e-mails saying either there is a issue with our account so we cannot have TV with Vodafone or I have chosen not to have SKY with Vadafone. Can you please help me resolve this issue? I have been customer for over 10 years and find this very frustrating.


Can anyone from Vodafone help me with this issue please?  

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Re: No account for TV services

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@JamRamShould be able to help here

Ex VodafoneNZ staff member 17+ years and if you want real help from real people check out
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Re: No account for TV services

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@GlenS please PM me your account details.
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