No Vodafone tv since April 16th...STILL

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No Vodafone tv since April 16th...STILL

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Yup you read that right. No Vodafone tv with sky and no service. It's obviously not the box as I have had two replacements. Theresa Malloy and others have asked me for the serial number of the current box and then that's it no more communication yet they still send me a bill as if I am still receiving the service. 16 days now of tv1 on demand through the chromecast.

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Re: No Vodafone tv since April 16th...STILL

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Simple solution is issue VF with a timeframe to fix it (post here as VF only really like phone calls as no actual record kept), lets say 10 days or else you consider your contract with VF terminated due to their in ability to provide service.




File a complaint with the TDR

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