New Vodafone TV install

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Re: New Vodafone TV install

by Staff HamishSansom Staff
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Hi @GarethCollins,


Getting inconsistent information should not happen, I can understand this has been frustrating and I'm sorry that has happened.  The new VTV with cloud storage is not the same as the old T-box.   We continue to review and update our training for front line to handle the normal turnover of staff.


As offered in an earlier post, if you DM me your contact details I can arrange for a senior specialist to contact you directly.  (just click my name and press the "Send private message" button).




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Re: New Vodafone TV install

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I assure you I do not work for Vodafone in any capacity. The box I have really does work well and I have genuinely not had any major issues.

Very sorry to hear that others have not had the same positive experience as I have.

Full disclosure: though I do not work for Vodafone, nor have any direct relationship with them at all - I do hold shares in Sky Television. As a key business partner of Sky, it is fair to say that it is in in my financial interest for the VTF product to do well.
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Re: New Vodafone TV install

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Hi - I am at my wits end here. Not only can I not record most Freeview programmes that I choose, my internet connection is worse after the fibre install. It constantly lags and buffers, and sometimes just freezes. I never had this problem with my previous internet connection.


Vodafone sold me a package of faster broadband, Freeview channels on my Vodafone TV that I could record as I chose, but neither of these work. I can record the odd programme, but only about 2-3. I keep getting the message 'sorry this programme cannot be recorded'. It's Freeview for goodness sake!


I am beyond frustrated. I have tried for days to get through to customer service, and am put on hold for nearly an hour every time, and then my calls have been disconnected. 


Not only was the install a painful experience, now the product is not what I expected. And surely having fibre installed was supposed to give a better connection. Absolutey rubbish service and product. And then I get told if I cancel this, I will be charged $199 for early termination fee!! Why should I pay for something that does not deliver what was promised?


If I don't get a response from someone soon, I will be taking this further. 


I used to work at Vodafone in Smales Farm and I still know people there that can give me contacts. 


And if I have no joy there, then there is always Fair Go. That would make an interesting story.




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