New Vodafone TV User - some issues

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New Vodafone TV User - some issues

by mike_maynard New Poster
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We are a new Vodafone TV subscriber. We have noticed the following:


1. Fast Forward/rewind only has a timer display, no live video so you can't tell how far back/forward you are going. This is a real paiin. Any plans to introduce live video fast forward/rewind, like I had with my old Sky decoder? The inability to do this could result in us axing vodafone TV and go back to our old Sky provider.


2. I watch horse racing and it appears there is a real time delay in vodafone TV compared to the old Sky access, and in fact there also seems to be a delay on TV 1 (at least). Examples, I was watching my horse race on Vodafone TV Sky racing channel and the horses has 200m or so to run, my mate rings me to congratulate me on a win and i'm still watching the flamin race on vodafone TV Sky whilst he watches it on his Sky channel (non Vodafone TV). Big delay here - any explanation? Another example, was watching the Royal Wedding at home on 2 x TV's - one standard Freeview, the other Vodafone TV - the Freeview channel was several seconds ahead of the Vodafone TV feed - what is the go here, i sthere a known delay ?


3. This one could be something I am not doing right, but, if I switch TV on at 6:15 and go to TV1 to watch the news, I can't rewind to the beginning of the news, I only seem to be able to rewind to the time that I switched to TV1. How do I watch the 6pm news from the start in this scenario?


Look forwrad to some feedback - positive or negative, just so I know what to expect going forward. 



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Re: New Vodafone TV User - some issues

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi @mike_maynard


1.  Changes here are planned in the near future.

2.  Yes, there can be a delay of up to approx 30 seconds as the service is delivered to you via ‘the cloud’.  This is normal

3.   Press OK to bring up the info, then press ok again, this will pop up additional options. Select ‘restart’ and this will allow you to restart the program from the beginning (even if you did not have it set to record).  Note that this option is not available on all programmes.


Hope this helps!




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Re: New Vodafone TV User - some issues

by sirdave Starter Poster
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Lets be honest here, the delay approaches 40 seconds for racing, and 30 seconds for live sport, Useless if you bet on either.

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Re: New Vodafone TV User - some issues

by marts3 New Poster
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Clearly 'near future' means nothing to Vodafone. We just had Vodafone wifi and tv installed and we have 'lag' and really unfriendly remote and also regularly problem when going down through the stations - in particular, it appears to not want to get off TV 2...


Also thought we would be able to record but it isn't working either???


About to cancel and go to Sky, don't have time for this crap service.


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Re: New Vodafone TV User - some issues

by Ronski New Poster
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Just trying out Voda TV & agree the fast forward is frustrating!
I also can’t pause a recorded programme?
Not sure if I’m ready to move from Sky yet
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