My bluetooth remote won't pair with my Vodafone TV

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My bluetooth remote won't pair with my Vodafone TV

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Under normal circumstances your Vodafone TV remote will auotmatically pair with the STB using bluetooth. This either happens automatically during first time use or manually via a remote pairing screen.


If you find that you remote will not pair with your STB it may be because it has tried to pair with another bluetooth device. We have seen this happen with a Mac Mini and an AppleTV.


To fix this.

  1. Ensure all bluetooth devices in range are powered off
  2. Power off the STB
  3. Remove the batteries from the remote, then re-insert
  4. Reset the remote

    Press and hold the Blue and Menu button until the LED (power button on your remote) blinks green twice.

    Enter 9999. Tthe LED will blink green for each "9". After the 4th 9, your Remote will blink Red four times and will be in a reset state.

  5. Power up the STB
  6. Go to Settings > Connected Devices > Remote Control > Remote Status and confirm your remote has been paired. If not, pair it
  7. Power on all bluetooth devices

Pairing instructions are also at


Before you think I am clever, thank @grantt for diagnosing this one.

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