Multi Room system loses connection

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Multi Room system loses connection

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My premium broadband multi room (modem, 2 set top boxes, 3 wifi extenders) runs fairly well 90% of the time. Ever since set up however, the furthest tv (about 20m and 4 walls away, in a straight line from the modem) suffers one or more losses of signal every day; the nearer tv, at about 10m and 2 walls away from the modem suffers similarly but on a less frequent basis. The failures rarely happen at the same time. On both, the picture freezes, I can access the front selection page of Vodafone TV but no further selections work. I then get a black screen and a lost signal message. For both, cutting and restarting mains power to the STB, extender and TV usually reboots and restores the signal. I'm wondering if it is a range problem although the connection at other times is good. Also, ipad/phones in the same rooms, albeit not on tv use, do not lose signal or internet connection. Would there be any value in obtaining a wifi booster and locating it centrally? Tearing my hair out on this one.

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