More control over my device - custom apps (& removal)

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More control over my device - custom apps (& removal)

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Had this box for a while now, and have to say I'm super dissapointed/frustrated, especially by the degree of control I don't have.


This seems to be a pretty bog-standard Android/ATV device, but locked down to such an extent that it's literally not worth the HDMI port it occupies.


At the very least I would expect more top-10 media apps to be installable/accessible - VLC or DLNA-client, Photo's for screensaver, Plex, Disney+ and Spotify (I'll settle for sideloading; then at least I can load the SkyTV app I alredy pay for & have elsewhere) - and the ability to remove apps/'channels' I'll never EVER use, such as Amazon Prime, misc sports, or foreign-languages channels.


The lack of HDMI-CEC control is also a complete WTF.


Unfortunately none of this information was available at time-of-purchase & the only way to learn about these non-trivial shortcomings was to buy a unit.


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