Missing episodes

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Missing episodes

by RogerCruse78 Starter Poster
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I originally added this post as a comment on an existing message but haven't got any response.


Using my Vodafone TV device, I've noticec that most of the 4th series of The Wire is missing!


That is, espisode 4, 6,  7, 8, 9 & 13 are missing.


I've checked this via my Vodafone TV app on my andriod phone and via the Vodafone TV device.



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Re: Missing episodes

by roputtz Starter Poster
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That’s the case with many of series and box sets etc. for instance Shameless Season 9 is missing episodes. I also noticed the Wire episodes when watching those some months ago. It’s a really annoying, especially if you finish a really good episode than have to skip 1 or 2.
Not sure if it’s intentional or and oversight?
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Re: Missing episodes

by Frequent Poster chch_mike Frequent Poster
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And the same thing happens frequently with repeating sports events using series recording, some episodes will be recorded and some missed. I routinely go back over series recordings to check that each episode is actually set to record – often they are not and I have to manually set those to record.  


But then sometimes I can’t record a programme and get: “SR007: Sorry, there was a problem scheduling a recording. Please try again later.”


Needless to say, this is all very time-consuming and irritating.

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Re: Missing episodes

by RogerCruse78 Starter Poster
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apart from an automated reply, no response from Vodafone.


Checking other posts with 'missing episode' in the title, there appear to be a number of boxsets with this issue. 


So, if you decide to watch any boxset, check that all the epsiodes are available BEFORE you get started and report any issues here so that Vodafone can address the problem.

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Re: Missing episodes

by Frequent Poster GarethCollins Frequent Poster
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This is actually a widespread issue throughout Vodafone but not sure they are doing anything to fix.  In some instances, you will see the show as "being there" but it isn't, and in its place is another show on another channel.  See below, where we finally found one of the missing Wentworth episodes from TV2 - it was under Channel 28 Magnum PI.  Mind you, we've found Magnum under Wentworth too!!!


Go figure - aside from actually hiring Magnum PI to find where the heck things have been bunged, I am not sure what we can do to fix it!!!



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