Migration of account; vodafone tv

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Migration of account; vodafone tv

by SimonB2 New Poster
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I have had vodafone tv for about 5 years and no problems until 1 of the tv decoders stopped working just under 3 months ago.

I rang the help desk to try and get a new tv decoder but was told they don't do them anymore and asked me to sign up to a new plan with them and it would arrive within 9-10 working days. 11 weeks later, multiple phone calls to customer service in India promising it will be delivered within "3 days" and still nothing. In addition I am still being billed for the decoder which doesn't work (did eventually manage to get a partial refund after an hour on the phone).

What exactly does "migrating to a new platform" mean? and if the new service hasn't been delivered for almost 3 months, does that mean I am no longer bound by the terms of the new contract?



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Re: Migration of account; vodafone tv

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Hi Simon, So sorry to hear about your experience trying to get your services up and running. You definitely should have had your fault investigated and I do apologise for this. Please private message me with your details and will get this looked into ASAP. It certainly should not take this long to get your device. Thanks Theresa
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