Loving it!

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Loving it!

by AndrewHumphries New Poster
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Just wanted to post a quick message, mainly for the vodafone team to let you know that I'm loving the Vodafone TV system.

We've been with Slingshot for the last 8(!) years, and recently saw one of your (Vodafone TV) ads on TV when visiting someone with actual live TV. For the last 3 years we have been without any real 'live TV' ever since our freeview box gave up and we didn't replace it. We have been managing with our Chromecast and a lot of Netflix and YT, and the occasional Newhub chrome tab cast ever since.

Confimed and got the connection to Vodafone 100mb fiber earlier this week, and the TV box arrived this evening via courier which my boys and I had up and running about 5mins later. 

I see a lot of people complaining about the lack of features etc vs your old TV box, or MySky, but as a person who hasn't had live TV for years, I think it's great.

I did a lot of research into both VF fiber service, and the TV service before committing (as we had a $250 ETF with Slingshot) but so far I'm glad I have. Here are a couple of the reasons that pulled me over the line:


  • We're in an area of Dunedin that can't get UHF freeview, so were stuck with Standard Definition back then - but the HD on every channel for VF TV is awesome.
  • Support - I've had a couple phonecalls through to your Ninjas (which I initially thought was just a massive marketing gimmic), but I've honestly been happily surprised at the service I've recieved. Alternatively, Slingshot constantly ask you to email them if it's not urgent and hold times are far longer than I've had with Vodafone
  • The UI of the STB. I'm a software product manager, and hate ugly UI. I actually really like the UI. It's decently responsive, and just looks nice when floating on top of the video steam
  • Built in apps - I wonder if these will eventually make my chromecast irrelevant on this TV. Still to play around with them, but could be good!
  • The Remote. Pretty small stuff, but flip, I can push the power button on the remote and turn on my TV. That's a lot more than my cheap chinese freeview box could do ha!

Anyway, I've leave it there for now. This is my initial 4 hour usage feedback, I'll come back again sometime if I have anymore (positive or negative)

Cheers team for the products and service!

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Re: Loving it!

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Thanks for your feedback @AndrewHumphries! It's great to hear you're enjoying your experience. Smiley Happy I will pass along your feedback to our TV people, I'm sure they'd be keen to read this!

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