Jones Pop Up Channel Missing

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Jones Pop Up Channel Missing

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Just curious if anyone else has a message on their jones 207 pop up channel saying "pop-up" "Hold Tight, the pop-up channel will be back soon"?  Funny how I've paid for Jones and I am subscribed to their normal channels.  Wonder what vodafones poor excuse is for not providing a full service this time?


Am trying to ask Vodafone but they are their usual incompetent selves, have been half an hour - got some Indian I can't understand first tells me it's something related to Sky Sports, then tries to tell me "it's not his problem, your in the TV area but it is not my problem" then tells me oh another team told him it was finished but had to backpeddle when I told him funny my friends are watching the channel right now at their house while we speak on their funtioning T-Box not one of the Gen 1 garbage paperweights" so then he reverts to oh I should have just hung up or transferred you somewhere I am not going to get an answer.



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