Issues with Vodafone TV

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Issues with Vodafone TV

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Hi team.


I have been having on-going issues with my Vodafone TV STB randomly freezing / going out of focus.  I am on Vodafone Fibre X so there should not be problems with Internet speeds / bandwidth, etc.  I have logged this numerous times through the 0508 888 800 technical support service.  As part of the technical ninja support I have completely reset my modem & ultrahub router several times - same issue.  Vodafone are sending me a replacement STB (2nd replacement) but I am not confident this is the problem.  I am wondering if it is something in the Internet protocols for my house that may be causing this issue as seems to be more prevalent at peak usage times from 4pm onwards daily.  I live at Pegasus North Canterbury.  Any technical advice / help with this would really be appreciated.


Note:  My system is setup in a media room, through a yamaha receiver to smart TV via HDMI.



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