Issues with Vodafone TV

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Issues with Vodafone TV

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Your customer service is terrible. I went to cancel my television services with you in late January. The person I spoke with said that there was a special, and we could have Sky Sports, On Demand and Soho for the same price that we were currently paying. I agreed, and for several months nothing on the account changed, and I phoned several times regarding the matter. Finally in March our services were upgraded, but I received my first bill last month for $300, and extra $100 then what I was paying. I phoned NINE times over the past four weeks, but would be put on hold for excessive periods of time (after an hour long wait), or conveniently disconnected. I finally got through to Malanyn (sp?) this afternoon, who said that the salesperson did not put through the appropriate discount. She was putting the account in dispute and would be in contact with me next Wednesday. We just went to use Soho and the TV is saying we do not have this service please contact Vodafone. Honestly, I should be charging you my hourly rate for doing your jobs for you, which has been poorly managed to say the very least. I would like these services turned back on immediately, but have been on hold for over an hour and your '24/7' ninjas are not online. Is there anyone working on a Friday night there? 

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