Impossible to contact and resolve an incorrect invoice

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Impossible to contact and resolve an incorrect invoice

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Have contacted Vodafone about an incorrect invoice and have not heard back from Vodafone. Now I'm being hit with unpaid emails and letters.
When you try to contact Vodafone, the wait times are ridiculous. 60 minutes is not ok. They tell you go to their online chat, but that is overloaded and dead in the water.

Vodafone, why do you not flag an unpaid invoice at your end with you are working on it?
Why do you just do nothing and never get back to me?
Why is it always so difficult to contact you?
Why do you direct people to an online chat when it can't handle the volume of people dealing with your broken system?
Why can't I leave some simple details and you call me back, so I don't have to spend an hour of my valuable time waiting.
Why when I get thru do I have to start again with a new person who is out of their depth?
Why does the person I'm dealing with always put me on hold numerous times throughout the call, while they constantly refer to someone else for long periods of waiting?
Why are the people at the call centre so brainwashed into following a rigid manual which seldom fits the reality the customer has?
What does it take for your CEO to wake up to what real users are suffering thru?
Why are your executive not asking the right questions of the people below them to discover how badly things are broken?
Why does the CEO think my time is not valuable?

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