Harmony Vodafone TV Support

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Harmony Vodafone TV Support

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Vodafone TV is now compatible with the Logitech Harmony universal remotes.



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Re: Harmony Vodafone TV Support

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Indeed, and here's some further information:


Many of our customers have asked for VodadoneTV support for Logitech Harmony universal remotes. We have been working with Logitech and support is now officially here! Just add VodafoneTV as a Logitech Harmony device, using the following settings in the Harmony app:


Manufacturer name: Vodafone
Model number: Vodafone TV (or model names "NZ-80", "NZ-81", or "NZ-512". "NZ-80" and "NZ-81" are Gen1 boxes, "NZ-512" is the Gen2 box.)


Click to see full size


I have been running with the Harmony Companion remote at home for a couple of weeks now to control my VodafoneTV, Sony TV, Bose sound system, and Philips Hue lights, and must say it works exceptionally well. It is really cool that the Harmony supports Alexa for Vodafone TV control ("Turn on TV", "Change to channel 1", "Volume up", etc), and can also control smart home devices like Philip Hue. 


A couple of notes and tricks with the Harmony integration:


  • Short press on << and >> buttons on remote is fast rewind and fast forward respectively
  • Long press on << and >> buttons on remote is 20s skip back and skip forward
  • The Harmony remote's Guide button brings up the VodafoneTV guide directly. (Noting that this button is not there on the native VodafoneTV remote.)

For the VodafoneTV customers that have Harmony remotes, let us know if you have any ideas or find any issues and we will work with Logitech to improve and resolve.

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Re: Harmony Vodafone TV Support

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Thank you for this!


I set up a sequence doing 12 "skip forward" commands (20 sec skip) interspersed with 1 second delays, and assigned it to an available button.  I can now easily skip forward 4 minutes, which is the approximate time for a commercial break on NZ free to air TV.

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Re: Harmony Vodafone TV Support

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That is exactly what I have done as well. Works really well!

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