Green Pixelation

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Green Pixelation

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by waynedd New Poster
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We have Vodafone TV via Fibre. Been working well since instalation over a year ago but in last two weeks we have started getting green lines and pixelation across the usual channels we watch. Contacted Vodafone, did the 3 finger reset, rebooted modem etc but no joy. Vodafone said they would send out a new box and then a tech once that had arrived however later in the day I received a phone message to say that I would not be getting a tech or Box and that it was a Vodafone "Internal Issue" - what does that mean and when/how will I get this problem resolved?

Any help or ideas appreciated




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Re: Green Pixelation

by MargieA New Poster
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 We have been having the same problem.  Reported it over a week ago and after much faffing around were told we would get a new box.  Phoned this morning to get a status to be told that it is some kind of cable problem and we would not be getting a new box.  Seems Vodafone is waiting on the cable company and there was no eta available.

I am not happy!  When were Vodafone planning on giving me an update?  Xmas is fast approaching and we would like this problem solved.  Not good enough Vodafone - suggest someone in the organisation puts their customer service hat on!

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Re: Green Pixelation

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We have had this problem for many months and have had the old digital Recorder replaced but still the problem remains. I thought that maybe it was our TV which is getting old so have just bought a new one and will see how that goes. I am sick of trying the reset business without effect. We are considering a change to Sky if things don't improve. Have you noticed any improvement.?

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