Fight back against the buffoonery at Vodafone

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Fight back against the buffoonery at Vodafone

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Fed up with Vodafone? (I fear it will only get worse now they have been sold.) I have an idea below, but first: 
Here's what I have experienced having just moved here - sound familiar to you?
TV constantly dropping out in the evening. Installation snafus. Can't record TV programs. Promised a consolidated bill for fiber, TV, phone - that took four months and I still get an extra bill. I was promised TV on demand still doesn't work. 
Calling customer service is torture, long wait times, and the folks in the Philippines call center are not really empowered to help - and don't really care to. (Why can't they employ NZ people?)
Below is an idea to get the sinecures (I mean executives) at Vodafone to get their damned act together. (For any lawyers out there if Vodafone fails to provide adequate service or live up to their sales people's empty promises, then is that grounds for cancelling contract?)
You can find all the executives in LinkedIn. Send them a strong message expressing your disgust. Don't insult, just point out their terrible service. The top guy is: Jason Paris. Go here:  Jason Paris - The so-called Consumer Director at Vodafone New Zealand is Carolyn Luey - (consumer director). Tell them how you feel.


After I messaged Jason Paris, the CEO, he had Paul from Customer Care Complaints team call me. We spoke for an hour but (sigh) I'm left with the nagging feeling that confirms that they are just "Buffoons R Us"!  Paul did his best to prop up Vodafone and said that Jason was committed to changing things for the better. Well, we'll see. Will he just talk the talk, or will he walk the walk?  Paul denied, condescendingly, that they had ever received complaints about TV service dropping out.  So people, send him your complaints with your experience of the service dropping out, and disabuse him of his ignorance. Copy Jason Paris - and Carolyn Luey - (consumer director). Here's my response to him:

Thank you for calling me. I was surprised that anyone would after I messaged Jason Paris so I acknowledge you and him for that.
Reflecting on our call I'm not left feeling good that we made any significant progress.
While we had a good exchange, what rankles is the dismissive tone that all customer service people - so-called - have at Vodafone so I recommend you take these admonitions to heart, seriously.

1) Remove from your and all service people's response vocabulary this: "no one else is complaining". It is condescending, and makes the complainant wrong and belittled.

I complained to you that our TV service drops out regularly and you stepped over it saying that you haven't had any other complaints. Well, attached below is a post from our local Neighbourly refuting your brush-off. That's what it is - a brush-off! Our local Neighbourly message board is lit up with similar posts full of invective lambasting Vodafone. You asked me to send you such posts so here it is - with both barrels! Consider then you have a rotten reporting system whereby these types of complaints never get to you or to the attention of upper management. You should be congratulated on having a complaint deflection and burial system. Shame on you.

2) To you and Jason. Your service people all need retraining or rehiring. Remove also from your collective vocabulary and canned response scripts these and similar brush-off phrases:

"I have nothing to do with the IT people."
"I've never seen that error message."
"No one else is complaining."
"It must be your wifi."
"I didn't set it up."
"I don't know what your bill looks like as my screen doesn't show your bill details we send you in a pdf."
(Train your people to see and become conversant with your bills, the actual pdfs, that you send to customers so that they are knowledgeable about the format, content and appearance. And BTW stick to one format.)

And similar, non-customer oriented responses.

And when things get contentious on the phone you have a masterful but depressing tactic of cutting the conversation off by transferring to "another department" when, if you are lucky that the line doesn't go dead, you get to wait again on hold for an hour more.

3) I don't want to talk to Ninja, I am not a child.

4) Your TV box is badly designed and the navigation does not work intuitively.

See also in this post the lady makes the same observation I made to you about the inability to record programs.


Anne from Kapiti sent them this post:

We actually wrote directly via email to Jason Paris - and Carolyn Luey - (consumer director) outlining our issues - being misled the new VF box was superior to the old T-Box (it is not and is not fit for purpose), that we were mis-billed, that our service keeps cutting out, that hours on hold was not acceptable just to talk to anyone.  They palmed us off to a very arrogant customer service manager who is defensive, thinks we are making our issues up, that we are the ONLY people with issues, and when I dared to complain we had spent 70+ minutes on hold a few weeks back trying to get to tech support as we had zero service, I was informed we were lucky that VF did not charge us for their time to fix their fault, and that there would be no compensation as it is "our choice to ring them, at our leisure".

We pointed out that Matt Sorenson had sent us all a glossy brochure in 2015/16 promising from that point forward ALL calls would be answered within two minutes max and were advised "surely you do not expect us to still be held by that!".

We sent them screenshots of ALL the customers who were mad at them with our same issues to be told that was all just made up.  Funny, even their online community for VFTV is full of issues, complaints, etc, and nearly zero responses from their VF Ninjas.

We're looking elsewhere - we hear that Republic has an awesome reputation for CS, and gear, and they don't give you the cheapest modems, etc, but good ones.  And Sky seems a definite option as I will at least record all channels when I want and how I want.

That said I am up for a joint effort to get Fair Go, Commerce Commission involved and to alert Infratil of their issues they just brought into.


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Re: Fight back against the buffoonery at Vodafone

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As a long time customer and the steady decline, with the more recent sharp decline in customer service I fully agree with what you have said @fedupwithyou 


My most recent story, As fibre had just become avaliable in our area I decided it was time to change from the dead slow VDSL to fibre, so rang up and placed the order, was told I would get an email within 1/2 hr. Next day with still no email rang up again, I was told technical problems caused the order not to happen, so I re-ordered.


Well 2 weeks later rang up to see what is going on - "Yeah, we have a record of the order in our system, but we have not processed it"


Really VF what kind of business are you running when you take an order and don't actually process it and just sit on it.


For me, I will be moving off this slow motion train wreck........


Similar to the famous quote fro the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy :-


"So Long, and Thanks for All the Internet"




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