Feedback from my first week of Vodafone TV

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Feedback from my first week of Vodafone TV

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Hello. I'm hoping this reaches the product team at Vodafone TV and that this feedback is considered. I've just switched from Sky TV to Vodafone TV but along the way, I've encountered things that make the Vodafone TV very hard to use compared to the sky tv box.


Some of these suggestions should be super simple and others probably a bit of work but would greatly increase the uasbility of the box. As a programmer myself, I've tagged them with what I would consider their difficulty to implement would be.


* [SMALL] A setting to make the menu complete opaque, so that the TV image behind it isn't coming through. A family member is having real difficulty reading the menu when the image behind is it moving. A setting to toggle menu background opacity would help solve this issue.


* [SMALL] There are a lot of channels we simply do not watch (about 50% of them). They clutter up the tv guide. We have locked these channels so it's easy to see which ones we don't care about, but it would be great if we had the option to hide locked channels from the guide entirely. This would make navigating the guide far simpler.


* [MEDIUM] Change the record button functionality. By default, one click records the series. However most times, I only want to record a single episode to test it out. Ideally, one click would record the episode, two clicks in quick succession would record the series.


* [MEDIUM] The UI is large and clunky. We have a 65" full HD (1080p) TV, so there is plenty of room to make the elements smaller, especially on the TV guide, which currently only shows about 6 rows, which it would easily show twice that without any problem.


* [LARGE] The recordings display needs a bit of tweaking. It seems to record them as individual shows. Would be nice if they grouped by TV series. And would be nice to have it show all recordings as a tiled display (rather then horiztonal scroll), sorted by oldest at the top.


* [LARGE] If we forgot to turn the TV off at night, it chews up bandwidth. Would be nice to have an active hours setting, and if it's outside of these active hours, ask if we are still there every hour, and if no response within 5 minutes, turn the TV box off to preserve bandwidth.


* [LARGE] Support for additional apps besides Netflix, such as Lightbox, Neon, and Amazon Prime. Currently having to switch over to our PS4 to watch these options.


Thank you and I hope at least the first 3 are able to be implemented because they affect our usage each day.




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Re: Feedback from my first week of Vodafone TV

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Fantastic considered feedback, many thanks. Will pass along to the TV team.



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